Nov 13 2017 Nov.2017: Albania/ Cyprus/Turkey and twice to Montenengro.Category: General     09:06AM   0

Signore e Signori, I have not been able to regularly blog this month due to the tight travel schedule  listed above. When I complete my final engagement in Podgorica, Montenengro on 30 November and return home to Italy, I will communicate more.

Cordiali Saluti,




Oct 28 2017 3 days in Prague, Czech Republic: ' 3 dny v Praze'Category: General     03:22PM   0

My current client was originally scheduled to attend a conference for her company in Baku, Azerbijan...but at the last minute she was reassigned to a ( different ) meeting in beautiful Prague.  What a great city and the Czech people are very welcoming.


Oct 26 2017 Aunt Eva and Vincent home to Italy: ' Zia Eva e Vincent a casa d'Italia'Category: General     12:04PM   0

Between the 19th and the 24th of October, I am happy to report that my dear 92 years ( young )  Aunt Eva has returned home to Italy.  She had originally given thought to moving to the states where a distant cousin resided, but in the end there was just no other place for her to know lasting peace and contentment than in the country of her birth.

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Oct 25 2017 'Nous Trois', 'Noi Tre' , ' Wir Drei ', ' Nosotros Tres'.Category: General     04:47PM   0

Above translation in French, Italian, German and Spanish; " The Three Of Us ".....aka " Menage a Trois" .

I am well aware that Heterosexual ( straight ) couples come to a point where they consider hiring a Male Escort for a threesome. But, for those couples it is not easy to locate an 'Impeccabley Groomed, Healthy, Trustworthy,Discrete, and Respectful' man for such an occasion.

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Oct 10 2017 Family Business ( Affari di Famiglia ) Not Available Oct.17th to Oct. 24th.Category: General     04:42PM   0

I will be traveling from Montreal, Canada to Venice ,Italy  while attending to some family matters and relocation for my Dear elderly Aunt Eva.  As noted above I will not be available from October 17th to October 24th.

I will then be returning to my residence in Vienna, Austria to prepare for upcoming engagements.

Cordiali Saluti,

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Oct 10 2017 Beautiful Nairobi, KenyaCategory: General     02:43PM   0

First and foremost , I want to Thank my lovely and most gracious host for the absolutely delightful rendezvous she arranged for us and providing the gorgeous suite at the Ol-Sereni Hotel. I will miss our time together and the great people we met while partaking in Happy Hour at the Ngong Pool Bar.  Again Thank You Madame.

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Sep 30 2017 Upcoming trip to beautiful Nairobi, KenyaCategory: General     05:18PM   0

After a few days of needed rest, I have been engaged by a Dear Lady in Nairobi, Kenya for October 5th, 6th and 7th.  I've been to Kenya once before and it is a beautiful,ancient land.

Will send my usual trip blogs upon conclusion.

My best,


Sep 28 2017 'Grand time in Geneva, Switzerland' ' Grand temps a' Geneve, Suisse' Category: General     04:44PM   0

As I stated in a previous blog, my lovely host invited me to accompany her to several days of celebration for her companies anniversary in beautiful Geneva.   All of the activities were extremely well done, the food and drink delicious and it was a great pleasure to meet so many of her wonderful colleagues, all of whom made me feel so very welcome. 

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Sep 28 2017 Honored ? ' You bet your derriere I am'.Category: General     02:54PM   0

This is in response to a number of emails I recently received.  In a previous blog I used the term ' Honored' in describing my engagements ( or rendezvous ) that I have with Ladies who have retained me as Escort/Companion.

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Sep 26 2017 Shanghai to Slovenia, Tel Aviv to Tunis, India to Italy and on it goes..Category: General     10:36AM   0

Buongiorno, In the month's of August and September, I have flown well over 70,000 miles for Escort/Companion engagements. Don't get  me wrong I felt honored and thoroughly enjoyed every single rendezvous, but as far as travel is concerned I feel like I am in the wonderful 1969 Movie, " If it's Tuesday this must be Belgium".

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Sep 24 2017 Don't be shy or nervous, just ask me.Category: General     04:38PM   0

I receive many emails asking  ' what kind of services do I offer' ??   Let me answer your questions.

As a Male Escort/Companion I have performed many roles to satisfy and delight Ladies and Couples who retain my services.

I will list as many as I can recall to give you an idea of what I offer:

Weekend Away

Sexual Tryst at Home or Hotel

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Sep 24 2017 London, UK , Abso-Bloody-Lutely., 29th. September 2017 & 30th.September 2017Category: General     02:55PM   0

I always look forward to trips to London, a huge metropolis full of life and energy. The British people I've had the honor of meeting are very polite and gracious.

My host for this visit has arranged a simply wonderful Draycott Suite for our two day rendezvous, and great seating for " Casino Royale in Concert"., at the Royal Albert Hall. I am most certainly looking forward to ending the month in such wonderful company and surroundings.

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Sep 24 2017 Beautiful Romania ' Frumoasa Romania'Category: General     12:32PM   0

Over the course of the past few months I have received messages from Ladies in Bucharest requesting that I travel to their country to escort them to various cultural and social occasions. 

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Sep 23 2017 ' Belle Geneve, Suisse.'Category: General     09:03AM   0

I escorted a lady to various functions in Zurich, on the 17th and 18th of this I have been invited by another lady in beautiful Lake Geneva for several days of celebration and social gathering for her companies anniversary.

I 'always' look forward to the opportunity to visit beautiful Switzerland again and again...

Merci Chers Mesdames,


Sep 21 2017 'Belle de Bruxelle Belgique' ..... ' Mooie Brussel Belgie'.Category: General     04:16PM   0

Arrived by train in the  beautiful city of Brussels, Belgium.  Mind you I am absolutley not complaining,  but this entire month of September has turned out to be; " Escort wonderful Ladies to business conferences month".  and I have enjoyed every single moment. 

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