Sep 24 2017 Don't be shy or nervous, just ask me.Category: General     04:38PM   0

I receive many emails asking  ' what kind of services do I offer' ??   Let me answer your questions.

As a Male Escort/Companion I have performed many roles to satisfy and delight Ladies and Couples who retain my services.

I will list as many as I can recall to give you an idea of what I offer:

Weekend Away

Sexual Tryst at Home or Hotel

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Sep 24 2017 London, UK , Abso-Bloody-Lutely., 29th. September 2017 & 30th.September 2017Category: General     02:55PM   0

I always look forward to trips to London, a huge metropolis full of life and energy. The British people I've had the honor of meeting are very polite and gracious.

My host for this visit has arranged a simply wonderful Draycott Suite for our two day rendezvous, and great seating for " Casino Royale in Concert"., at the Royal Albert Hall. I am most certainly looking forward to ending the month in such wonderful company and surroundings.

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Sep 24 2017 Beautiful Romania ' Frumoasa Romania'Category: General     12:32PM   0

Over the course of the past few months I have received messages from Ladies in Bucharest requesting that I travel to their country to escort them to various cultural and social occasions. 

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Sep 23 2017 ' Belle Geneve, Suisse.'Category: General     09:03AM   0

I escorted a lady to various functions in Zurich, on the 17th and 18th of this I have been invited by another lady in beautiful Lake Geneva for several days of celebration and social gathering for her companies anniversary.

I 'always' look forward to the opportunity to visit beautiful Switzerland again and again...

Merci Chers Mesdames,


Sep 21 2017 'Belle de Bruxelle Belgique' ..... ' Mooie Brussel Belgie'.Category: General     04:16PM   0

Arrived by train in the  beautiful city of Brussels, Belgium.  Mind you I am absolutley not complaining,  but this entire month of September has turned out to be; " Escort wonderful Ladies to business conferences month".  and I have enjoyed every single moment. 

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Sep 21 2017 Contact Information.Category: General     07:49AM   0

Ladies,  if you require an immediate response, please send your email to :

This account is linked directly to my iphone and I will then be able to respond in a timely manner.

Otherwise please feel free to use the Domain Based Email for my website:

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Sep 20 2017 Why no amorous, erotic blogs about clients.Category: General     05:17PM   0

I've received a number of emails asking why I do not have any blogs about 'behind closed doors' activities with ladies that retain me as escort or companion.

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Sep 19 2017 Riijksmuseum ' Museum van Nederland'Category: General     02:15PM   0

Before leaving Brussels I am taking  the Thalys Train ( 2 hr. trip ) to Amsterdam to visit the Riijksmuseum for just a few hours, but that is not sufficient time to see and appreciate this masterpiece.

If you travel to Amsterdam, please allow plenty of time to tour, it 'well worth' the investment.


My best to you,

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Sep 17 2017 Two Days in Zurich, Switzerland- ( Zwei Tage in Zurich, Schweiz. )Category: General     08:56AM   0

I arrived by train in the beautiful city of Zurich to escort a lady to a business conference with one the many Fortune 500 companies with headquarters in the city.

No pun intended, but  'everything' in the country seems to run flawlessly, just like a fine made Swiss watch. 



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Sep 16 2017 Livorno, Italy, peace and beauty ( pace e bellezza )Category: General     08:35AM   0

I am honored to be regularly invited to Livorno as the house guest of a lovely, gentle, woman ( bella donna delicata ) for  a ( 'storia d'amore' )  who describes herself as a woman in the 'Autumn' of her life. Our meetings are usually 2-3 days in length and each goodbye is such a bittersweet experience. " Grazie cara Signora".

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Sep 12 2017 Moved to Vienna, Austria...' Ubersiedelte nach Wien'Category: General     08:57AM   0

After considerable thought, I have decided to temporarily close my residence in Montreal, Canada for a time and relocate to beautiful Vienna, Austria. My primary reason for this move was the fact that the vast majority of Ladies who retain me do in fact reside on the European Continent. Also, to be quite honest, the air travel back-and-forth across the Atlantic from Europe to Montreal was wearing me down little-by-little, the jet lag was taking it's toll.

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Sep 11 2017 Hvala SlovenijaCategory: General     09:48AM   0

It is with ( great ) reluctance that I leave the beautiful capital city of Ljubljana, from the moment I arrived in this beautiful country I was treated with warmth, politeness and lovely smiles. My gracious host, a Lady of classic feminity who invited me to stay with her in her beautifully appointed home is  a woman who gives new meaning to the words, amorous, sensuous and erotic.

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Sep 7 2017 Regrets...Category: General     02:37PM   0

As one who travels extensively I meet and converse with people from all walks of life on Air Flights, in Train stations, bars, pubs, hotels and the like.  One thing that I invariably notice is that in the course of conversations people express 'regret' for things that have , or have not .. occurred in the course of their lives, Yours truly most surely included .

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Aug 29 2017 Shanghai,' amore a prima vista'Category: General     02:49PM   0

I am visiting Shanghai, China for the first time as the guest of dear lady who is very active and well known for her many philanthropic endeavors.  In between escorting her to various social functions I've had an opportunity to go out on my own and explore this absolutely amazing metropolis. 

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Aug 24 2017 The Gift Girls.Category: General     03:23PM   0

I recently escorted a Lady to London while she represented her company at a three day financial conference. One the second evening  I  enjoyed  a drink in 'Good Godfrey's' Pub in the Waldorf Hilton and waited  for the conference to conclude for the day. While there I met  3 lovely ladies who had just  " resigned" from their Escort Service employer vowing to form their own service in order to have more control in c

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