Aug 19 2017 I most certainly do....Category: General     03:52PM   0

I have received a number of emails from Ladies inquiring as to whether or not I would escort Black ,Asian , Hispanic  or Latino ladies to Social Functions, Vacations, Dinner Dates, Romantic Trysts and the like. My answer is a resounding YES !!!!! of course I do. Women of ALL Races and Ethnicities are welcome with OPEN ARMS.

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Aug 16 2017 Calendar MemoCategory: General     04:53PM   0

When my Calendar does not list any specific locations, I am 'usually' available in my home city of Montreal,Canada. However, there are times when I choose to remain in a foreign location for perhaps a day or two longer to rest up from jetlag or take in the sights. Feel free to e-mail for my availability for your chosen location. No matter where I am on the planet, I check email frequently and will respond quickly.

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Aug 6 2017 Bello essere di nuovoCategory: General     10:41AM   0

Good Day Ladies and Gentleman, I've been away for quite a while for extended Military assignments but as of early July 2017 those duties are complete and I happy to report that all members of my 'Incredible Team'- (Italian ) 'Squadra Incredible' have safely returned to their homes and families.  Over a period of years we were sent to ( 5 ) different countries in the Middle East and  ( 7 ) different countries on the African continent.  Sadly, at

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Nov 16 2011 Where Real Beauty Resides.Category: General     10:27AM   0

I am not a health club member “type”, but a lady that I recently escorted provided me with a membership as a “Thank You’ gesture. Recently while working out I began a conversation with a very nice lady who advised that she was 76 years of age who had just finished a work-out set that would tire out a soldier!! She stated that after her husband passed away, she sank into depression, gained 30 pounds and nearly ruined her health in the process. She re-asserted control over hers

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Nov 13 2011 The Widow at the Place de Vosges.Category: General     12:07PM   1

A little over one month ago while working in Miami, I was contacted by a lady from Washington DC who requested that I meet her in Paris, France where she had once resided with her late husband. She introduced herself to me as the ‘La Veuve Fornier’ translated (The Widow Fornier) which I thought was a lovingly, yet bittersweet way to describe herself. She further stated in our very first telephone conversation and I quote her statement: “Msr.Vincent, I am neither a pretty nor sh

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Oct 16 2011 Romance and Rathbun's--Atlanta, GACategory: General     07:19AM   1

A dear Lady contacted me to be her evening/dinner Companion to celebrate a hard-won promotion at her company-one of Atlanta's most well know firms. We met at Rathbun's Restaurant Bar..where she greeted with me a strong hug and a sweet kiss..I LOVE women who are not afraid to show affection in PUBLIC.,and KNOW what they want !! She was attired in a Dark Blue Satin Sheath Dress and Beige Pumps.

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Oct 14 2011 "Le Casino'...Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas.Category: General     08:18AM   1

Just returned from a short but wonderful Companion-Date with a lovely lady from Boston who wanted to 'experience' Las Vegas for the first time.,we stayed at the beautiful LUXOR in a sumptuous suite. I'd like to offer my thoughts about the Luxor Casino. There is green cloth on the tables, the tapping of multi-color chips,brightly lit poker tables,quiet dealers and busty,leggy scantily clad f

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Oct 12 2011 Mademoiselle Gachet- 2011Category: General     08:06AM   1

A very nice lady recently contacted me to be her Companion for a performance at the Kennedy Center, which was simply wonderful. When we returned to her residence, she inquired if I would enjoy listening to her play piano. I advised most certainly and she proceeded to play ( most beautifully I might add ) several fine selections on her Steinway Louis XV. She was attired in a lovely gown that accent

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Oct 9 2011 Clever and Bold.Category: General     08:13AM   1

By way of military assignments and later via my own Consulting Business I have lived for periods of time in Ukraine and Russia.Just like other countries there are dating sites where ladies seek partners/lovers/husbands. I have however, noticed the use of  distinctly different words that ladies in Baltic Countries use to describe their ideal partners. In the US in particular, women use terms s

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Oct 7 2011 Social Conscience...Category: General     09:31AM   0

Usually my blogs describe romantic interludes,sensuality and descriptions of lovely places in the world I have been privileged enough to see in person. But we all certainly know by now that life is often bitter, full of problems, unfortunate circumstances and hardships. A very dear lady friend of mine wrote to me advising that for the 2nd time in less than 3- years she had been 'let go' or

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Oct 6 2011 Silk, Lace and Sensuality...Category: General     12:15PM   0

Many of the lovely ladies that I know love to wear Silk Stockings, Garter Belts and assorted lingerie from a company called Secrets In lace. Their products are truly quite sexy and the styles of lingerie are timeless in beauty and sensuality., I also buy lingerie from to give as gifts for ladies that I escort.  I've added a Link to their very tastefully done- site on my " Links Page'. Ladies and  Gentleman....enjoy.

Oct 5 2011 Consider and Reflect..Category: General     06:43AM   0

Convenient Affection, Transitory Passion, Momentary Devotion.

Oct 2 2011 Is That All There Is ?Category: General     07:31AM   0

We’ve all heard the term “all brides are beautiful” and I understand the loving intent behind that statement. Over the weekend I was retained as a Companion to accompany a Lady who had received a wedding invitation at a lavish country club in Atlanta, GA. The wedding hall was done with hundreds of flower decorations, huge billowing ‘Kasbah Drapes’ and replete with table upon table of gourmet food and rivers of champagne . However, from the time we arrived an

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Sep 18 2011 Fake Princess - No Portfolio, No Pedigree!Category: General     08:02AM   0

 We all read about the infamous “White House-Gate Crashing Couple”…trying for their 15 minutes of fame and hoping to land a reality show..NOT. She is actually the real ‘operator’ of the two. She alone owed thousands of dollars to high-end salons and boutiques all over DC for weekly forays while telling the world she was a former NFL Cheerleader and Euro-Model—again NOT.  Then, just recently the Tax Collector and the Banks foreclosed on their properties…the

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Sep 11 2011 A Tryst at " The Claude "Category: General     07:14AM   0

My blogs usually do not address accommodations with more than a few mentions ,however my recent excursion to Marbella to rendezvous with a lovely lady from Chicago who wanted a respite from the ‘cut-throat’ world of corporate America .,necessitates that I describe the absolutely incredible hotel that we stayed in known as the Hotel Claude or as referred to by the local population “ The Claude”.
Located in the old-town area of Marbella it is a Boutique hotel in the

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