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A lady friend and I recently attended a theatre play and during intermission met the lovliest,wonderfully eccentric couple..The Rosenbergs from Chicago,IL. Both in their 80' they had the energy and zest of people half their age. Mrs.Rosenberg wore a Long Blue Sequin Gown..dripping with pearls. Poor Mr.Rosenberg...keep trying to lite his cigar ( Stradavarius Churchill ) and was each time admonished by his wife..no smoking allowed in theatre. Each time he 'painfully' returned the treasured Churchill to his Tuxedo inner pocket. With intermission over we returned to our seats but I kept thinking of how much the  Rosenbergs reminded me of  another 'couple'. Then, it hit me and I it was all I could do to burst out in laughter during the play. Later as my Lady friend and I  walked to our car..I told her who I thought the Rosenbergs were (reincarnated ) and my date began to laugh so hard she had tears in her eyes. YES, YES, YES  she kept saying....you are right..the Rosenbergs.....had brought back to life ' Mrs.Rittenhouse and Captain Spaulding'...in the Classic Marx Brothers hit movie "Animal Crackers'. 

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