Jun 16 2011 Sweetness at 20,000 ft.Category: General     04:54AM   0

While on 'another' transfer to a new duty station as newly promoted Captain, I was aboard a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Moscow  2,000km+ and was in the usual coach seat provided by the military. Being a late evening flight I was attempting to contort myself into a sleeping position-when the Senior Flight Attendant - a handsome,mature figured lady  came to my seat and said very quietly ( and seductively ) 'bitte komm mit mir Kapitan' ( come with me pls.Captain.) So, still wrapped in my blanket like Linus-from Peanuts..I went to the forward cabin..thinking what do they want with me ?? A hijacking  please NOT that !! or am I being put off the plane !!..I 'was' in fact jump qualified..but damn !!! left my parachute in my other uniform !!! However,not to worry..as this lovely lady ( who's wonderful full bottom I watched with delight as we walked forward ) was moving me to a First Class Seat !!..not just ONE but TWO across. She stowed my kit bag above,seated me-brought me a snifter of Brandy...to induce sleep folded the seats down into a sexy-thick,smooth leather bed,covered me with a blanket and turned off the overhead lights. Hours later I was awakened by a light touch on my shoulder,the scent of Chanel #5 and a sexy voice bidding me good morning and handing me a hot towel to freshen my face..followed by a full breakfast of orange juice,rolls eggs,bacon and fruit..all seductively served to me by this wonderful buxom German woman. As I left the plane I took her hand tenderly kissed it and said ' ich danke Ihnen schone Dame' ( thank you gracious lady )..I also wanted to say 'please marry me'

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