Jun 20 2011 Giselle's Pink ThongCategory: General     06:07AM   0

After 9-11 my Military Team was sent to an area of Uzbekistan near the Afghan Border to meet a Tribal Chief with information for sale to NATO. On the day I departed from Toronto Airport my lady friend Giselle accompanied me to the departure gate. She was crying and very upset for my safety. She kissed me hard and deeply,held me tight..and as I started to walk away she called out 'Vincent-wait my dearest-at which time in full view of all ' hiked up her skirt and peeled off her Pink Thong' ran to me and placed it in my pocket. This is for good luck and so you won't fall in Love with a Beautiful-Mysterious Middle Eastern Woman she exclaimed. In Uzbekistan we found the situation dangerous right from the start as we were immediately followed by large group of hard-men from the area. They correctly surmised that were carrying a large sum of $$ to pay the Chieftain for information.We did make contact,transmitted the info.to our superiors and paid the elders. Getting out was very stressful as every passage was blocked by our pursuers..now 2 nights late for extraction, we were very low on food,water and not enough ammo to make a stand against a large group. As we hid in the freezing night, I removed Giselle's Thong from my pocket..still smelling of her 'feminine-essence' and perfume. I held it to my face and passed it to each of  my 3 other comrades who did the same. the gesture seemed to inspire us to live and find a way out..just before daylight we detected an unguarded but treacherous mountain pass and made our way through to the waiting helicopter. As we lifted-off I left Giselle's Pink Thong clearly hanging from the branch of a Juniper Tree for our pursuers to find.

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