Jun 21 2011 Russian Soprano in a Tight Dress.Category: General     05:29AM   1

 Recently I was engaged as Social Escort for a lady traveling from Moscow to Toronto to visit her sister. The lady I met at the arrival gate was tall and statuesque with long black hair pulled back and held by a large clasp. She was wearing red high heels and a very tight black dress cut very low in the front. However she clearly had the real-woman's figure and the confidence to carry it off. She greeted me warmly with a full kiss on the mouth and strong hug while her hands slid down to squeeze by backside-right at the arrival gate. She was clearly a lady accustomed to having her own way. We visited with her sister and the three of us enjoyed shots of ice-cold vodka and 'kakushka's ( snacks.) We then left for her hotel to unpack and rest a bit. In the hotel room Classical Music was playing on a stereo..Zhenya, now in her International Lingerie Ensemble of a Secrets In Lace Slip and  and Gerbe-Stockings went to the window and began to sing in fluent-Italian to the Wagnerian piece playing..with the power and resonance of a Bruunhilde !! ( albeit, the sexiest version I had ever seen )...I was totally mesmerized. She saw me enthralled and smiling stopped singing and said in her thick Russian accent " do you like my singing, my baby "...YES !! was all I could utter. Later, over more Vodka she advised me that she was 66 years old and  had been divorced four times. The latest when she found "Dmitri' ( who owned several nightclubs in Moscow ) 'physically interviewing' his latest hire. She also told me had two grown sons both of which now lived in Germany and owned a graphics design firm. the next days went by all too quickly and when she left she presented with a First-Class Airline Ticket to visit her in Moscow..early fall. Remember at the beginning I stated that she was lady clearly accustomed to having her own way.

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