May 19 2011 A Flight with Good and Plenty.Category: General     04:44AM   0

Several years ago on a British Airways Flight to a new duty station, I began a conversation with a German lady who advised she had just clebrated her 75th Birthday and was treating herself to a vacation in Spain. After several more Vodka's she further told me that she had been an Escort-working under the stage name of ' Good and Plenty'.. ( Gut Und Reichlich )., in Germany, England and the USA and was wonderfully open and candid about her 'experiences'. In her purse she still carried a few 'portfolio' pictures of herself in provocative scenes for the gentleman to view. Although now 75 and her figure was considerably more ' rubenensque'..I found her still be quite lovely and seductive. That was due to her wonderful candor, sense of humor,easy laugh and sweet temperment...I could easily imagine how 'in the days' that men could fall under her spell.  I wished that we could have continued our great conversation...but we landed in Madrid and she departed to start her vacation. She has no way of knowing that her stories of her experiences had planted the thought in my mind to become a Classic International Ladies Companion..when the time was right.... ( Danke Liebe Dame. )

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