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While working in the UK I was contacted by a Milanese Lady named Renata who was attracted to my profile. She asked me to escort her to a Performance at La Scale Opera House. I was deeply impressed with her confident manner and classic style. I flew to Milan and checked into a suite at the Grand Hotel Et De Milano on the Via Manzoni, which she graciously arranged for me.She called for me in my suite and we shared a glass of wine and wonderful introduction conversation. We left and walked the short distance to the Opera House. It was every bit as spectacular as I envisioned and I felt as though I had time-traveled back to 1778. Renata arranged wonderful seats mid-orchestra--being very familiar with the opera house acoustics she noted  that the Violin pieces in particular would sound best from our seats--she was precisely correct. Renata was wearing a Crisp Cream Jacket,Black Silk Trousers and Black Patent Heels the ensemble had an ageless beauty and simplicity. Her hair was Black tinged with Gray and only faint lines around her eyes and mouth gave any clue to her 61 years of age. As I gazed around through the audience I noticed many older men accompanied by Stick-Thin Fake Blondes  with sharp faces and angular featureless bodies--all looking quite bored. " Eastern-Euro Women" she stated to me as though she had just read my thoughts. They are now ' de rigueur' at the moment for men to possess like toys. The performance was flawless and for the entire time she placed her hand lightly on mine and leaned close to my shoulder. I felt I was with the most exquisite woman in Italy. Afterward, we ate dinner in very intimate small restaurant and enjoyed " Arrosto di maile' and 'Torta della Nonna' for dessert. On the way back to the hotel she reached into her purse and handed me a note written in beautiful English. The note stated that she found me handsome,charming and mysterious and was ' asking permission' to spend the night in my bed ... I found the gesture to be incredibly sensual..she advised me that such notes from women had originated in the 17th Century to advise gentleman of their desires. Viva Italia. 

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