Jun 24 2011 Soft Rain,Sensuality and Vietnam.Category: General     04:46AM   0

Several months ago I traveled to Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam for business. My flight arrived late and it was near 10pm when I checked into my hotel room. I was tired and hungry,I took a shower,changed and asked the front desk about a nice restaurant. I was directed to place about one block away. As I was about to enter the restaurant, I noticed a food stall across the street with just two tables under a small canopy. Having eaten at stalls across the world I knew the thing to look for was 'cleanliness'..the rest of it..trust your instincts. This place was SPOTLESS, the tables were shiny clean and a candle was softly burning on each table. Behind the counter stood an elegant,proud Vietnamese lady in AO Dai and Conical Hat. Her smile was enthralling and she returned my greeting warmly in good English with a slight French accent. I placed my order and in a blaze of chopping,frying and stirring, produced a bowl of steaming,succulent,shrimp,vegetables and rice.The smell was divine and as she approached my table with the tray I noticed that 'via clairvoyance' she knew what my choice of beverage would be..( 2 ) bottles of ice-cold Tiger Beer. I stood as she approached and asked if she would sit and tell me  about her beautiful country. She agreed and I pulled out the other chair for her to sit next to me. She was lady of mature years, exquisite,petite in a Yellow AO Dai..slit up to her tiny waist with tissue thin white silk pants beneath. As she talked and answered my questions my eyes were drawn down to where I could very clearly see her panties under the silk pants. I could see 'nothing..but yet saw everything'. The implied sensuality was intoxicating, I've always been a man that NEVER favored 'blatant nudity' I prefer women who dress to leave something to a man's imagination. The whole setting was perfect, the company of a lovely,intelligent Asian Lady,wonderful conversation, incredible food, soft rain falling, peace and quiet...the sweet moments in life. 

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