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Some months ago I undertook a journey to Corsica to visit the ancestral home of my Grandfather. At my hotel I met a couple and their friends who planned a day on a Picnic Boat and cordially invited yours truly. As is usually the case with Corsica, the sky was blue,the sun warm and the water sparkling. We first took a slow leisurely ride up the coast and then anchored in a cove near one of the many small deserted rock formations. Our boat party consisted of one couple from France, another from Belgium and two ladies from Monaco, both wearing very sexy Gottex Bikini's. Some decided to sunbathe,others swam from the side of the boat, while a few of us swam to the rock formation and then dove from ledges into the cool sea. At lunch we enjoyed thick slices of Corsican Loaf Bread, Prizuttu, and Brocciu Cheese, along with numerous bottles of Corsican Muscat. I felt wonderfully spoiled as I enjoyed the tasty lunch served to me by one of the charming ladies from Monaco, attired in a Chocolate color bikini.,who  made certain that my wineglass was never empty. As we ate she sat seductively close and delighted my senses with a wonderful aroma of Chanel and Cocoa Butter Lotion.After lunch we spread out blankets on the deck and were lulled into peaceful rest by the gentle rolling of the boat. My new companion smoothed suntan lotion onto my chest,back and legs in a manner befitting a lover's caress. Then in one deft movement, she removed her bra., made certain that I had plenty of time to look, then rolled to her stomach as I placed lotion over her sensuous back. Presently we fell into a wonderful nap and upon awakening I found her now nude form pressed tightly to mine with her arm draped across my chest. As I reflect back upon this romantic afternoon and further exploring Corsica with her, it was abundantly clear to me why my Dear Grandfather had a life-long love affair with this magical island.

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