Jul 8 2011 Atomic Martini's In ViennaCategory: General     04:39AM   0

While in Europe, a Lady from Vienna engaged me as a Social Escort to celebrate her promotion. We went to a Cabaret-style nightclub where most of the men were trying to emulate 'Boy Capel' and the women were dressed like his lover Coco Chanel. The place was packed with no place to sit,but a lovely gentleman who reminded me of Gert Froebe ( Goldfinger in 007 movie ) and his waif-like wife insisted that we sit with them.We all ordered the house specialty drink the 'Atomic Martini'..and they were exactly that!! After 3 of them I did not know ( or care ) if I was in Vienna,Austria or Vienna, VA - a Washington,DC suburb. The lovely lady with me-on her 4th !! Atomic Martini was already getting drowsy and began to 'caress' my inner thigh..and at one point went clear up to the 'no fly zone'..while whispering into my ear in German " Mein Stattlicher Mann" ( my handsome man.) Shortly afterward the poor thing fell asleep and we laid her across the booth with my lap as her pillow. When the club closed at 3am "Goldfinger' and his wife took us back to our hotel in a gorgeous-perfectly restored 1940's Mercedes Touring car with the top DOWN-in 20 degree weather with snow flurries in the middle of January !! It was the best car-ride I've ever had,we flew down the boulevard covered in blankets and the heater going full-blast. You simply have to try this one time in your life !! The lady I escorted slept through the whole thing..but told me the next day she the best time of her life...That was music to my ears.

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