Jul 12 2011 Vincent And The Case of The Floating Bra Inserts-Dateline: Mexico.Category: General     06:50AM   1

A lovely statuesque Lady from New York City engaged me as a Companion for a much needed vacation to Mexico from her very stressful corporate position. This lady has a wonderful figure that would rival any swimsuit model. Unfortunately,she was insecure about her breast dimensions and found it necessary to 'enhance' her figure with Silicone Bra Inserts. On the first morning there we both dressed to go to the beach. I was delighted with her total lack of inhibition...and I have to admit I was wonderfully-red-faced !! when she complimented me on my 'endowment'.. in turn  as I watched her change  from see-through Negligee to a Red Silk Bikini..the view was wonderfully erotic. Before putting on the top however,she reached into her luggage and removed a large pink box labeled: "The Bigger-Better-Booby Job" She is a Natural 38D..and now with both inserts "Fully Locked and Loaded"..she was as they would say in Mexico--Muy Grande. We left for the beach, the day was sunny and warm as we walked along the surf,tanned and finally entered the water to cool ourselves. The waves at first were gentle but gradually became more aggressive. At one point she saw a large powerful wave coming toward her, but before she place her back to it..SLAM !! I immediately went to her and grabbed her to steady her. You've guessed it by now--have you not ?? the wave completely pulled her top down and dislodged BOTH inserts, a few seconds later they came bobbing to the surface and rode the waves.  We both began to laugh hysterically and as I went to retrieve the 'flotation devices' she said to me " Never mind Dear- let them both  float away. forgive me for being so vain...I helped her back into bikini top and and we shared a long kiss. Smart Lady..Very Smart Lady.

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