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 A Lady from California contacted me to escort her to see the sites in DC last winter as she wanted to avoid the heat/humidity and crowds...THAT was smart !!

We dressed in jeans, hiking shoes and warm coats as we saw the Lincoln Memorial, The Mall, Monument, etc and finished the day at the National Gallery of Art. We were cold and exhausted in front of a Rembrandt that mesmerized both of us so we just sat down on the floor to rest for a while .
A security officer came by and we thought ( uh-oh ) but he was most kind and told us to just rest and he would gather us at closing...a nice man. We left a while later for her hotel. In the room we both agreed that a hot shower was in order to thaw us out...and she made the very kind offer to wash yours truly. So without further adieu we simply undressed right in front of one -another and got into to the shower.... Let me digress here just a bit...ONE of the many things about this lady that made her ‘beautiful' was her lack of inhibition, by being very comfortable about her body and her femininity. Another was her ability to converse about many subjects and offer diverse perspectives. I've met ladies who have absolutely ‘ statuesque' figures and turned the heads of every man they encounter. But could NOT hold a conversation on how a Chesse Pizza is made !! Ok..I'm back now...we showered, washed one- another's' hair ( and yes...we washed EVERY part of each other's body ) out of the shower we crawled right into bed and she wonderfully wrapped herself around me while I ordered dinner and wine from room service. The food arrived, we ate and drank in bed, got back under the covers and both of us promptly fell asleep. NOT what you were expecting at this point. Right folks ??..LOL. In any case, the next morning we ‘enjoyed' each other for the ‘First Breakfast' before room service brought the ‘Second Breakfast.'

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