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My website clearly denotes that “if we both feel comfortable I will meet you at your residence or hotel room”. Such was the case when I was visiting in Washington, DC just recently. A lovely lady contacted me and from the very outset we developed a wonderful repartee. And at the conclusion of our conversation she invited me to her home for a (just the two of us) social occasion. And to be quite honest with you I am always very honored when a lady realizes that I am man who can be trusted with her safety, which is most definitely, is the ‘protector’ side of my personality appearing..honed by years as a soldier.

I had traveled from Atlanta to DC via my own automobile which I fondly dub ‘ The Texas Lexus’ indicating where I had purchased it while living in Dallas about 6 months ago. I love air travel but within the US it is onerous..if I’ m going to be fondled I want a soft woman I’m escorting to do it..and not a TSA agent named ‘Augie ‘ so, now I drive rather than fly if I have enough time and the distance is reasonable. Ok, back to this episode of ‘Vincent’s Travels ‘. I arrived at a lovely home in the Foxhall area of DC that was well maintained and nicely manicured. She had asked me to wear a Dark Suit, White Shirt with French Cuffs, Sans Tie..a look I highly favor in my own right. Actually here in the US it is gaining popularity..but in Europe where I’ve spent the most time..it is standard attire for gentleman to look corporate and casual at the same time particularly in Italy, France and Spain/Portugal

I went to the door, rang the bell and in a moment it was opened by a smiling rubenesque lady, who reminded me of Renoir’s ‘Madame Charpentier’ replete with ‘Lana Turner’ hairstyle, wearing a Mink Coat with nothing beneath except a string of pearls, in black high heels and wearing full length pair of BLACK OPERA GLOVES with a large Garnet Cocktail ring on the outside of each index finger. Ladies and Gentleman, I LOVE my work.

Now, this is where I begin my own ‘Twilight Zone Episode’. Obviously I did not need a communique ‘ to advise me of the plans this lady had for the evening. So after greeting each other with a kiss we went into her lovely living room where she had placed champagne and hors’devours on a glass coffee table in front of a beautiful circular red leather couch. We sat, exchanged more pleasantries, drank champagne and as a gift she gave me a nicely wrapped bottle of Belvedere Vodka and a full set of Murano shot glasses. She had remembered from our phone conversation that Belvedere was one of my favorite imports. We were now on our second bottle of Schramsberg and becoming very ‘neighborly’ with one other. I am very enamored with all but lost romantic-venue known as the kiss., fortunately this lady was of the same mindset and we engaged in a series of passionate kisses. Keep in mind that due to her limited attire, her full ‘charms’ were clearly in view at all times, and with the champagne taking effect, she had also discarded the Mink coat. Yet, with all this highly visible, soft femininity displayed before me like a ‘carnal buffet’ I literally could NOT take my eyes off those Opera Gloves !!

I was so mesmerized by the sensuality of her hands and arms being covered by the soft silken gloves, that when she went to remove them I asked her not to take them off. She smiled sweetly and began to gently rub my chest, then down to my groin then softly wrapped both hands around my manhood and caresses me ever so softly. The experience was exhilarating and extremely ‘satisfying’. Later I decided to remove the gloves, put them on and caressed her breast and femininity with my now glove encased hands; she began to moan softly then louder before achieving a sweet ‘conclusion’ . Later when I departed she presented me with a small package lightly wrapped in gold tissue paper….it contained the Opera Gloves. She wanted me to have them as a memento of our wonderful erotic evening. The gloves are kept wrapped in the same tissue paper in the glove-compartment of my Black Texas Lexus.

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