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As a Ladies Companion/Social Escort I offer on my Sed-Card the opportunity if you choose for Role Playing. I personally find it stimulating, sensuous and very entertaining and to my delight many ladies that I escort request this experience. One of the more ‘unusual’ episodes of role playing that I encountered was when I was contacted by a lady who called herself ‘The Princess Kamba’. I’m very private and discretion is a trademark and the ladies I see can go by what-ever name they choose, this is ‘their occasion’ and my job is to accommodate. Prior to meeting in person we talked via telephone and email rather extensively. The purpose was not ‘get to know one-another’, rather she was furnishing me a script of the roles we were to play. It seems that the she was enamored (more like totally smitten) with a certain gentleman from her native country who she had hoped to marry. However, the gentleman in mind apparently did not share her enthusiasm and was bestowing his attentions and favors upon her rival- not to mention numerous other ladies as well since he had called off their engagement. It should be noted at this point that this gentleman was a man of financial means and the The Princess viewed herself as the future “ Dame du Manoir “ determined to marry the gentleman (and) his large lines-of-credit. My assignment was to portray myself as her new suitor-one Mr.Vincent Sargenti of Milan and Ajaccio, an early retired gentleman of Italian /Corsican extraction who had amassed considerable funds via International dealings in Construction, Real Estate and Telecommunications. I studied my role carefully and was quite confident of my ability to assist the Princess with her trip to the altar. She arranged for us to attend a very elegant Black-Tie affair at the Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco that her ‘Lencho’ ( lion ) would also be attending. To make certain that we appeared to be lovers she booked an elegant suite for us in the hotel and made sure that she arrived first to ‘prepare’ herself for her new lovers arrival. The evening of the affair I was at the mirror in our suite adjusting my bow-tie when she emerged from the powder room. Stunning is a pale word to use, she was attired in a Cream Color Sequin Evening dress with spaghetti straps, cut very low in front with a Thigh-high leg slit. The cream color of the dress contrasting against her Ebony skin was intoxicating, and I thought ‘if this guy does not marry her- I will.’ The look was finished with Christian Louboutin Satin pumps with her hair worn up held in back with a beautiful Rhinestone Fan Comb. We were seated at our table in the party room and I immediately noticed that ‘ The Lion ‘ was seated only two tables away with a Silicone Blond looking quite bored. I knew who he was already as she has shown me several photos from a past vacation in Bali. He was very similar in appearance and ‘proportions’ to the large African gentleman-known as ‘ Mr. Infante’ seated at the card table in the James Bond/Casino Royale Movie. They seemed an unlikely pair, but I deduced that his business portfolio accorded him Cannes Film Festival Status. The Princess and I put on a command performance, we sat close together always touching or exchanging a kiss and while dancing we held each very close laughed softly and exchanged more passionate kisses. By the end of the evening he was ‘hooked’ he could not take his eyes away from us…she whispered in my ear “ Monsieur Sargenti ( Vincent ) I do believe I will be a bride soon…I am in your debt.” The coup-de-grace came as were leaving to return to our suite., as we passed his seat, she stopped, gazed at me suggestively and said just loud enough for him to hear about the X-rated delights she had planned for me back in the suite. In actuality, when we returned we were both exhausted, she took off her dress and heels and went about in just bra and panties, I took off my shoes, coat, tie and undid a few shirt buttons. Deciding we were famished we ordered club sandwiches from room service ate on the bed and feel asleep wrapped around each other….NO-nothing ‘happened’…I knew what you were thinking-you little devils !! The next morning I departed after breakfast-yes, a ‘food’ breakfast. About one month later I got an invitation to their wedding, I had no intention of attending as that would have been in very poor taste and she knew I would not do so as well., I just sent a nice gift and congratulations. Four months later another email arrived from The Princess who was now pregnant with-Twins..Objective Accomplished. 

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