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Upon finishing a Social Escort in Hong Kong, I decided to remain for a few days to rest up before flying back to Canada. My most gracious host had to depart early to work on an important contract for her company in Seoul, South Korea and very kindly secured our lovely room at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel for me to use through the weekend. I had been to Hong Kong previously but each time only for short durations. On this evening however, I wanted to visit the very famous Italian Restaurant “ Grissini “. The evening I was there the entire place seemed to have been taken over by a very large boisterous group of conventioneers from Canton, who were consuming enough Champagne to float the Star Ferry from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon. I’ve lived in the beautiful country of China and can tell you for a fact that Chinese people are very reserved and quiet, however, ‘this’ particular group seemed to defy those traditions. The whole room reminded me of the opening night-club scene in ‘Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom’, fortunately without the fight scene and subsequent machine-gun fire. I ordered a Sicilian Martini and looked for a seat in the dining room but none were available, except with reservations, so I opted for a seat in the lounge area, but here also no seating was available. Just then a Chinese Gentleman with a distinctly military-bearing and his well appointed wife dressed in a gorgeous Royal Blue Cheongsam with a Thigh-high slit that looked like it was made directly from Empress Leizu Silk and dripping with diamonds, offered me a place at their table. The gentleman who I will call ‘ The General ‘ conversed very little other than Ni hao ma ( How are you ) and was doing his best to make it seem that he was not lusting after every young-female body in the room. His wife who wore very strong perfume and thick red lipstick, smiled sweetly, and talked to me in rapid-fire Mandarin. I speak a little of the language but the place was so loud that I could barely hear her, so I just kept shaking my head yes and smiled. When he went to the gentleman’s room she slid next to me, wrapped her arm around mine, kissed me hard on the mouth and deftly proceeded to slide her hand straight up my inner thigh to the ‘ manhood zone’ . It happened so fast I nearly bathed both of us in Martini -so much for Asian ‘gentility’. Thankfully, her husband returned and we both acted as if nothing happened. I had one more ‘ Sicilian ‘and went back to my room at the Mandarin Oriental , where there was message awaiting me from my lady friend now back in Seoul . We had a great conversation wherein I relayed the evenings events of my meeting with the ‘General and the Madam’. 

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