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I recently arrived in Hong Kong at the behest of  a Lady who engaged me as a Social Escort to sample the culinary and night-life delights of this amazing city, and upon conclusion of our rendezvous, I was preparing to leave for a Companion/Social Escort work- ‘tour’ of San Francisco, CA, when an email arrived via my website. Another lovely Chinese lady had noted that my website contained a message that I was presently in the country for a period of time and she requested that I remain a bit longer and fly to Beijing to meet her. After our conversation I agreed and she arranged a First Class seat for me on Korean Airlines from Hong Kong to Beijing. As a Companion/Social Escort I entertain requests from ladies that range from the difficult to plan, arrange and successfully complete to the very easy and simple in nature; her request was one of those ‘easy ones’. When one thinks of China we envision an ancient civilization combined with the mysteries of the East and indeed that is genuine. Although the country is becoming more and more ‘westernized’ some things are uncommon to China, particularly in the case of this dear Ladies request of yours truly. She had arranged everything wonderfully, a lovely 5 star hotel room, fine dining and her appearance was just lovely. Although a very calm, quiet, demure lady of considerable means who dressed elegantly with a sensuous, alluring blend of Eastern and Western attire and carried herself with the dignity and stature of a Dowager Princess but without pretense or sense-of-entitlement. She was a widely traveled lady who had been formally educated in China and France and possessed an amazing grasp of world politics, the economy and culture. We spent several wonderful days touring the sites of Beijing, enjoying wonderfully prepared Asian dishes with fine wines and champagnes not to mention delightful romantic interludes and ‘pillow talk’. Now to her ‘special request’….this lovely lady desired to Waltz to soft music in a room lit only by candles with her’ Western Knight Of The Round –Table ‘as she called me. However ,there were no current venues for Waltzing in Beijing at the time so this very well-heeled lady arranged for a private dance floor room within our hotel complete with musicians playing violin and piano , replete with tables full of softly burning candles , and bouquets of fresh flowers….incredible. We danced numerous waltz’s and the accompanying music played by local talent was simply superb, afterward she arranged a small catered dinner for all involved which included generous payments to the musicians and dinner staff. She may have not ‘acted’ like a Princess but she certainly had the world-class style of one. That evening she asked me to stay one more day so we could view a special commemorative ceremony within the Walled City after which she accompanied me to the airport and held my hand tightly clear up until the time I had to enter the boarding area….Madame.. “ Ni shi yige teshu de furen ”. 

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