Sep 11 2011 A Tryst at " The Claude "Category: General     07:14AM   0

My blogs usually do not address accommodations with more than a few mentions ,however my recent excursion to Marbella to rendezvous with a lovely lady from Chicago who wanted a respite from the ‘cut-throat’ world of corporate America .,necessitates that I describe the absolutely incredible hotel that we stayed in known as the Hotel Claude or as referred to by the local population “ The Claude”.
Located in the old-town area of Marbella it is a Boutique hotel in the true sense, just seven ( 7 ) elegant rooms in a restored townhouse. Our suite was the ‘Francesca’ with a sumptuous king-size bed, replete with the finest Egyptian linens ,huge Gold and Red –Arabian Nights silk pillows and a beautiful period-piece chandelier.
All rooms have cool terracotta floors and large elegant sandstone baths to add to the Southern Spain/North African influence. We took our breakfast tapas on our private terrace overlooking the old-city and had our evening meals in a very intimate private dining room and cozy bar that was for hotel guests only.
Take your lover, your wife, girlfriend, mistress…whom-ever..just go., she will ‘melt’ over the place and let’s face it gentleman nobody can ‘melt’ in the exquisite way that a woman can.

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