Sep 18 2011 Fake Princess - No Portfolio, No Pedigree!Category: General     08:02AM   0

 We all read about the infamous “White House-Gate Crashing Couple”…trying for their 15 minutes of fame and hoping to land a reality show..NOT. She is actually the real ‘operator’ of the two. She alone owed thousands of dollars to high-end salons and boutiques all over DC for weekly forays while telling the world she was a former NFL Cheerleader and Euro-Model—again NOT.  Then, just recently the Tax Collector and the Banks foreclosed on their properties…they actually were HIS..left to him by his family. Ok, fast forward, auction day is here..Guess What ?? –I bet you did already…that’s right—she is GONE..Adios. Her husband ( verified by law enforcement) had NO idea where she went and told the police he believed she may have been kidnapped !!!....Kidnapped and she has NO money---must have been ‘trainee’ kidnappers. Fast forward, the police find her by the last cell phone number she used to call him before the disappearing act. They interview her only to find out that she had ran-off with a guitar player in a rock band--no kidnapping, she merely moved  on ( more-like slithered )  to the next ‘sugar daddy-payday’. Granted, her husband is no Eagle Scout-but did she need to humiliate the man in the process. SHE is a disgrace to womanhood and  every hard-working, responsible lady out there…..My advice to Ms.Low-Life…crawl under a rock where you belong, but PLEASE don’t pick a rock in a vegetable or flower garden, you will contaminate the soil.

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