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We’ve all heard the term “all brides are beautiful” and I understand the loving intent behind that statement. Over the weekend I was retained as a Companion to accompany a Lady who had received a wedding invitation at a lavish country club in Atlanta, GA. The wedding hall was done with hundreds of flower decorations, huge billowing ‘Kasbah Drapes’ and replete with table upon table of gourmet food and rivers of champagne . However, from the time we arrived and all through the ceremony and following reception it seemed to me that the Groom was  secondary and at best ‘ a required accessory’. Right after the vows were exchanged, she stood for a few cursory photos with her new husband, then immediately glided away with her flowing  gown to be photographed with her family, then his family , followed by photos with one person after another etc., etc. During this whole process her new husband had faded into the background, reduced to shaking hands with a few people and pretending to look delighted. I noticed that as soon as possible he sought out the Champagne and began to drink heartily, much like we see in the movies when Pirates go ashore. Occasionally, she would look around for him, drag him to meet a guest and stop for 1-2 seconds for a photo with him, smile, laugh, then toddle off to exhibit herself to next guest. Again, the groom immediately returned to the Champagne table looking quite perplexed. As Peggy Lee said in her famous song of  years gone by  “Is That All There Is ?? “

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