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Usually my blogs describe romantic interludes,sensuality and descriptions of lovely places in the world I have been privileged enough to see in person. But we all certainly know by now that life is often bitter, full of problems, unfortunate circumstances and hardships. A very dear lady friend of mine wrote to me advising that for the 2nd time in less than 3- years she had been 'let go' or RIF ( reduction in force in corporate 'BS' ) ..in other words 'fired'. The firing was not for poor performance..quite the contrary her work is impeccable and always serves to make the companies she works for highly profitable. Yesterday, she and 50 of her co-workers were just 'shown the door'/., work performance was not the issue. The company is making high profits and merely wished to save even more money by cutting payroll. Now over fifty precious lives and their families are thrown into chaos and turmoil, faced with having to find another job..in this already-broken dysfunctional economy. Well folks, we don't just throw away trash, pizza boxes, old books,empty milk cartons..etc...we throw Good, Honest, Hard-Working people away.



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