Oct 14 2011 "Le Casino'...Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas.Category: General     08:18AM   1

Just returned from a short but wonderful Companion-Date with a lovely lady from Boston who wanted to 'experience' Las Vegas for the first time.,we stayed at the beautiful LUXOR in a sumptuous suite. I'd like to offer my thoughts about the Luxor Casino. There is green cloth on the tables, the tapping of multi-color chips,brightly lit poker tables,quiet dealers and busty,leggy scantily clad female cocktail attendants. There is the smell of big money and adrenaline which attracts people with the prospect of riches.... IF..your bet is winning.

At the high-stakes tables I took particular note of the 'professional' gentleman players who had very sexy model-type 'Companions' standing behind them to most assuredly distract and confuse their opponents. Each player was hoping to break-the-bank. But if you lose it all...there is only the Devil to pay.

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