Oct 16 2011 Romance and Rathbun's--Atlanta, GACategory: General     07:19AM   1

A dear Lady contacted me to be her evening/dinner Companion to celebrate a hard-won promotion at her company-one of Atlanta's most well know firms. We met at Rathbun's Restaurant Bar..where she greeted with me a strong hug and a sweet kiss..I LOVE women who are not afraid to show affection in PUBLIC.,and KNOW what they want !! She was attired in a Dark Blue Satin Sheath Dress and Beige Pumps..and looked 'as the British exclaim' SMASHING. We talked,drank wine and ordered two different entrees and traded bites..wonderful food and EVEN BETTER..company and conversation. As we left the restaurant and walked to my car, she told me that as a surprise she had reserved a suite for the night for us at a nearby hotel. She further exclaimed " I hope it's fine with you Dear and I promise not to bite...unless you say it's ok. I answered that I thought it was a most romantic gesture on her part...and YES....feel free to bite.

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