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I am not a health club member “type”, but a lady that I recently escorted provided me with a membership as a “Thank You’ gesture. Recently while working out I began a conversation with a very nice lady who advised that she was 76 years of age who had just finished a work-out set that would tire out a soldier!! She stated that after her husband passed away, she sank into depression, gained 30 pounds and nearly ruined her health in the process. She re-asserted control over herself changed her diet started to exercise and lost 25 of the 30 pounds….fantastic. She was a vibrant lady with a warm, welcoming smile and a great sense of humor, in short a delightful ‘they don’t “make-em” like that any longer’ kind of woman. I have to admit, I like to ‘people watch’ and I noticed that there were men in the club that I took to be in their 50’s and 60’s and NOT ONE man ( as far as I could determine ) was interested or casting a glance toward this fine lady. Rather they all were riveting their eyes on EVERY 20-something so-called ‘hottie’ in their ridiculously expensive ladies Under-Armour skin tight work out suits….none of which could even begin to compete with the incredible 76 year old that was mesmerizing yours truly… What on earth is wrong with these men..?? It is like they would rather have a ‘cartoon character’ than a Rembrandt.

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