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I recently escorted a Lady to London while she represented her company at a three day financial conference. One the second evening  I  enjoyed  a drink in 'Good Godfrey's' Pub in the Waldorf Hilton and waited  for the conference to conclude for the day. While there I met  3 lovely ladies who had just  " resigned" from their Escort Service employer vowing to form their own service in order to have more control in choosing clients and to make more money in the process.

The ladies were Haiku, from Korea, Vidya from Turkey and Isabell from the UK. As the conversation progressed they advised me that they simply could come think of an Erotic name for their new venture.   In the course of further vodka-laden conversation I took note that all three were fixated not just on client fees ....but what Gifts  they wanted from each gentleman. They all wanted items such as Versace heels, Louis Vuitton Bags, Chanel perfumes , Agent Provocateur Lingerie and of course Gift cards from exclusive shops.

As I sat and listened to their growing list...a name for their new partnership came to mind.  Why not call yourselves " The Gift Girls" which translates very sensuoulsly to ( French ) 'Les filles-cadeaux" or  ( Italian ) " Le regallo del regalo" to particularly entice clients from Europe . They all loved the name, each gave me a 'Thank you' kiss and now go forth into the evening with their new moniker.


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