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I am visiting Shanghai, China for the first time as the guest of dear lady who is very active and well known for her many philanthropic endeavors.  In between escorting her to various social functions I've had an opportunity to go out on my own and explore this absolutely amazing metropolis. 

The city ranges from 10 floor shopping mega-malls to quiet tree lined side streets where people still take strolls carrying stylish  "brollies".  Also,if you can get in ( the lines are blocks long ) don't miss the incredible Shanghai Museum..but if you don't want to stand in line explore a strip of historical architecture along the Shanghai waterfront know simply as the 'BUND'.

As for cuisine, you could not ask for more..naturally there are scores of high end restaurants each run by a world-class master chef. But...the best part ( at least for me ) is to buy food from one of the street vendors that cook and serve food to rival any dish from a 5 star hotel.

My particular favorite was called ' The Chinese Burrito' ...consisting of meats or vegetables on skewers, sizzled and charred to perfection before being placed on hot flat bread and served with spicy sauce..$ 2.00

As for the lovely Shanghai ladies I am attaching two photos that personify the heart of this city, that being a blend of the old world world with the 'New' China.





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