Sep 12 2017 Moved to Vienna, Austria...' Ubersiedelte nach Wien'Category: General     08:57AM   0

After considerable thought, I have decided to temporarily close my residence in Montreal, Canada for a time and relocate to beautiful Vienna, Austria. My primary reason for this move was the fact that the vast majority of Ladies who retain me do in fact reside on the European Continent. Also, to be quite honest, the air travel back-and-forth across the Atlantic from Europe to Montreal was wearing me down little-by-little, the jet lag was taking it's toll.

I choose Vienna for several reasons, first of all it is very 'centrally' located in Europe and offers extremely reliable Air and Train transportation.  Secondly, I wanted a city that offered all the modern conveniences but still retained the charm of the 'old world'.

There is a wonderful park system, with miles and miles of walking, biking and running paths not to mention incredible museums and romantic cafes, many with a pianist or violinist playing  where you can just sit, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee and a  delicious slice or two..of 'sachertorte'.

I'm happy with my choice..Vienna is home... for a while... ( Wien ist nach Hause.)


My best to all,



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