Oct 25 2017 'Nous Trois', 'Noi Tre' , ' Wir Drei ', ' Nosotros Tres'.Category: General     04:47PM   0

Above translation in French, Italian, German and Spanish; " The Three Of Us ".....aka " Menage a Trois" .

I am well aware that Heterosexual ( straight ) couples come to a point where they consider hiring a Male Escort for a threesome. But, for those couples it is not easy to locate an 'Impeccabley Groomed, Healthy, Trustworthy,Discrete, and Respectful' man for such an occasion.

Mesdames et Messieurs: ( I ) am that gentleman and have very sucessfully filled that void for many couples.

I fully understand my role and upon conclusion, " Fold my tent like the Arab and silently slip away". 

I am at your service. 


Email: thefigure2010@gmail.com








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