Notes To The Ladies...

For your information, I am 5-10 in height, with a trim build & well sculpted legs (as I am an avid runner and hiker) along with strong arms and broad shoulders. My health is Excellent.

My hair color is light brown,flecked with gray neatly trimmed and I have green eyes. I am also clean shaven with no tattoos or piercings and I do not smoke.

Further, my style of dress is tasteful and stylishly traditional  from Jeans to Tuxedo and my personal grooming standards are impeccable. I enjoy all types of cuisine from a simple sandwich to a full course dinner. I also enjoy wines, mixed drinks and beer, but never to excess.

And finally, I am very easy going with a great sense of humor, non judgmental without false bravado and  offer to you a listening ear and understanding heart.

I will exceed your expectations.



Vincent William Ladies Companion Washington D.C. Straight Male Escort