I am a perceptive, physically fit   Straight Male Escort & Ladies Companion  based in Toronto, Canada. Also, please be informed that I have regular-sojourns to Chicago, IL and the Washington DC Metro Area, wherein I am available to escort Mature, Discerning, Open Minded Ladies for a rendezvous of your choosing.  Upon our meeting you will find me to be a man of style, sensuality, confidence, and an adventurous, world-traveled former Military Officer with strong arms, inviting lips, a quick smile, engaging sense of humor and impeccable “Old World Manners”.

My demeanor is the right blend of eroticism, charm, dash and intellect without pretension. Furthermore, as a man who sets very high standards for himself my word-is-my-bond, and I’m old enough to remember when that meant something.

As one who travels extensively I am available World-Wide To Mature Ladies & Couples Of All Races & Ethnicities who appreciate refinement & subtle virility in a man. I regard each rendezvous as a unique world of emotions and sensations with the stimulating, intertwining of fantasy with reality.

Rest assured that in Public I am always the consummate discreet, stylish, attentive gentleman. In Private I am very romantic, sensual,uninhibited and passionate who always responds to YOUR wishes and desires.

Until we meet,




Vincent William Ladies Companion Washington D.C. Straight Male Escort